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Other Attractions

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The District Courts, Patiala
The courts are now housed in modern multistoried buildings near Lahori Gate. All the work from filing of a case to the pronouncement of the judgment is now computerized. Computer training has been provided to the entire staff. Each lawyer has his own chamber on the court premises.

The Central Library:
The Central Library on the Mall Road is next point of attraction after the district court. The library has a large collection of all kinds of books. It is one of the oldest complexes in Patiala.

The Mall Road
This is a magnificent boulevard in the city. On one side is the old walled city and on the other side lie the beautiful Baradari Garden. On the road lie the Capital, Phul and Malwa cinemas. There is a beautiful fountain on a traffic roundabout opposite the Phul cinema. Nearby lies a famous sweets shop, Gopal Sweets, and dhabas (Punjabi-style eateries) like Sheetal and Nagpal’s. Also on the Mall Road lie the Muslim shrine of Peer Baba Rodey Shah, the head offices of the State Bank of Patiala and the Punjab State Electricity Board. The most famous landmark on the Mall Road is the famous Hindu temple of Kali Devi, which is also a national monument. There is a small lake next to the temple. The huge Omaxe Shopping Mall has recently come up opposite the Kali Devi Temple. The mall has proved to be extremely popular with the residents of the city. It houses food courts like the MacDonald’s, a Walmart (Easy Day) retail store, film theatres (multiplexes) and a growing number of showrooms of Indian and foreign companies. Next to the Mall is the old Green Hotel and Restaurant which also runs a bar.

Adalat Bazaar
As one enters the city from the side of the Sheranwala Gate and proceeds towards the Quila Mubarak, one comes to the narrow Dharmpura Bazar. Further up, one comes to the Adalat Bazaar, a thriving shopping centre. This area is the downtown part of the city. Adalat Bazaar means ‘the court corridor’; till the then underage king grew up, this area was used as the administrative centre by the caretakers of the king.

The Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law
It was established in 2006 by the Punjab government. It is the first national law school of the northern region. Presently, this university is operating from an old building called the Mahendra Kothi but soon it will be shifted to its new location at Siduwal village on the Bhadson Road outside the city. The university is approved by the UGC.

The Phowara Chowk (The Fountain Square)
The square is a beautiful sight in the evening when the fountain with coloured lights built on a traffic roundabout is played. The square is crowded with people visiting the nearby cinemas or those who have come for sweets and food at the nearby eateries of Gopal, Sheetal, Nagpal and others.

The Leela Bhawan, Surya Complex, the City Centre and the ‘22 No. Phatak’ (railway crossing) Shopping Zone
This area has rapidly developed into the commercial centre of the city. The area has a large number of banks; offices of insurance and immigration companies; coaching institutes teaching English to students planning to go abroad; restaurants and eateries like Gopal’s and Sahni’s and Verma’s and retail showrooms selling high-end branded garments, shoes and electronic goods.

An ultra-modern Columbia Hospital providing world-class medical care has now come up in the area.
Earlier, the area also had several open air banquet halls, locally called ‘marriage palaces’. Most of these have now closed down. New marriage palaces have come up on the Sirhind Road, Bhadson Road and Rajpura Road slightly outside the city.

Modern hotel and restaurants in Patiala
In the recent few years a few high class hotels have come up in Patiala: The Narain Continental and The Iqbal Inn. A high-class heritage hotel run by the Neemrana group called the Baradari Palace has now come up next to the Baradari Garden. It has had visitors ranging from foreign delegates and many leading actors from Bollywood.

Connectivity: Patiala is about 250 kilometers from New Delhi by road. It is also accessible by train. However, its airport can take only small aircraft.

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19 Responses on “Other Attractions”

karanvir singh says:

I Love Patiala because it is Shahi Sheher of Punjab…..

Sandeep says:

i love patiala coz i spent most of d years of my life here…i’ll always miss my city…i wish those days cum back…i really want 2 stay back there

parvesh singla says:

I Love Patiala bcoz This is My Birth place

pioneer says:

I love patiala I miss my city

Manohar Sharna says:

i Love patiala its the best place i have ever seen……….realllyyyyyyyy

gurharpreet sekhon.canada says:

love patiala coz i spent most of d years of my life here…i’ll always miss my city…i wish those days cum back…i really want 2 stay back there

i Love patiala its the best place i have ever seen..I love patiala I miss my city.

surbhi says:

Hotel iqbal inn is the worst hotel in Patiala. It has just been a few months since its opening and it had already hampered its respect.NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in fact they don’t know how to talk to customers (even girls for that matter).I had arranged a party there which was from 3pm to 7pm..and at 5:30 during the party their general manager Mr. Basera tells me that the party is till 6 pm so they need to wind up. I told him that the booking was till 7pm and then he STARTED ARGUING with me..instead of trying to satisfy the customer(although it was his duty since the party was actually till 7pm)..He told me to look into his diary which had 7pm written on it and then their DJ stopped playing the music at 6:30 and the manager is telling me that even though he stopped playing the music but still the party was on..was it?..like it was a DJ party,..n without music?!!..
ANYONE COMING TO PATIALA SHOULD DEF OPT FOR NEEMRANA HOTEL for their excellent service and amazing food!

b.s.singla says:

I love Patiala.I am here since 1973. I love to go kali matta temple, babba rodeshah , thapar college

jot says:

i love patiala becuz of its royality . after all a shahi shaher. way to go patiala……..yooooohoooooo

A.S. kharoud says:

i love patiala and prouded to be live there……nice place….not too clean but not to dirty and disgust like ldh,amrtsr.jlndhr……..small city thats why no broad thinking……less crime….hmmmmm………..royal city……hard rules should be pass for against pollution….needed ccd cameras on major places need advanced traffic control mech……..and atlast i love it i don’t care what it lack of….its my city…i am belong to it….n it belong to me….

mona batra says:

hello everyone plz help me why we say patiala a shaahi sheher raja maharaja to aur shehro mein bi the jaise ki bathinda nabha to phir patiala ko hi shahi shehar kyon kehte hai plz help me

vishav rathore says:

its so called royal city coz of its royal culture and royal heart of pepole….coz of its rich heritage..famously patiala peG, patiala pagg(turban), patiala salwar….and most of beautiful punjabi grls r frm patiala(punjabi patole) ..mostly all punjabis of patiala used 2 liv lik kingZZ…

Satwinder Singh says:

Patiala is beautiful city. It is my birth place. I enjoyed my childhood period here with great enthusiasm. My childhood memories are still live their in my thoughts.I will never forget this city till my end of life.Fascinated palces are Fwara chowk.Kalimata Mandir,Dukhniwaran sahib gurudwara,Quila chowk and other memorable places.

manu says:

I love patiala,patial sada apna seher and patiala is a royal and calm ciy for ages…when i go patiala i feel happy and apnapan

twinkle dutta says:

really awesome places to see in patiala.jst one word “MINDBLOWING”

Nadeem khan says:

I love patiyala becoz famous of hoziyari and sports item

Priyanka Verma says:

I just love patiala i went there in 2012 and could not go to the gurudwara..i hope that i get to go there again!! :)

Manurag Khullar says:

hye..u forgot thapar university..:)

gurmindrt says:

Patiala is royal city of royal patialvis….this is cool,safe city in punjab….where people live wd their own royality and loyalty.

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