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Baradari Garden

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The importance Baradari garden can be ascertained from its name. This name was formed with two words of Punjabi Bara and Dar. Bara stands for twelve and dar stands for doors. It means garden with twelve entrances. It was built in a mughal style in 1876 by Rajinder singh. Baradari gardens are in the north of Patiala city. It is situated in the outer part of Sheranwala Gate. Baradari gardens were constructed near the Baradari palace. Baradari palace was a residence of Emperor Rajinder Singh. He brought rare species of trees and flowers from different places and planted them in this garden. The big fruit trees the Fern House and the Rock Garden shows his interest towards nature. Another name of Rajinder Kothi is Baradari Kothi because it is situated near the Baradari Garden. Today, the Baradari Palace is a warehouse of important historical documents.


Baradari Palace is restored by Neemrana Hotels. This is a first venture of Neemrana non-hotel hotels chain in Punjab. It is the first heritage Hotel in Punjab. Baradari Palace, has 6 rooms and 11 suites.

Maharani club: This club is situated in Baradari garden. This club is also known as Rajindera gym khanna club.To visit this club, you have to be a member of it.


Dhruv pandav stadium: This is a famous international stadium of cricket located in Baradari complex.

Church: This is a biggest church in Patiala. It is wonderfully decorated on the occasion of Christmas.

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