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AC Market, Patiala

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Since ages, Patiala has been the center of various types of trades and still the same tradition continues. One who comes to Patiala would never be able to resist the temptation to buy various types of items from Patiala. Patiala has some old traditional market places as well as the modernized ones keeping in mind the likings of the modern buyers. Among the various shopping places in Patiala, the AC market is the one which is considered to be one of the best as the shoppers get all items needed from within a one single complex.

As the name suggests, AC Market is fully air conditioned. This awe-inspiring completely air-conditioned shopping heaven is spread crosswise four storeys and boasts of over 650 shops. The products range from cheap goods to costly brands that consist of Sony, Levis, Nike and many others.

The AC market Patiala has made the shopping a very trouble free activity for the shoppers. There are shops keeping the branded products of clothes, shoes, electronic goods or any other items needed by the people as well as there are many shops which keep the special items of Patiala. There are shops of bangles, wedding accessories, gift items, utensils etc.

There are shops of the handicrafts which always allure the visitors with their beautifully decorated items commemorating the land of Punjab and its tradition and practices. People from the surrounding areas as well as the local people come here to do their shopping. After a tiring shopping day, one can always take rest and enjoy the food they want in the various eateries in the AC Market. Typical, Punjabi food is available and visitors find them extremely delicious.

Patiala is famous for its phulkari work of embroidery and for its well-decorated and comfortable jutis (shoes). For the people, who come from outside Patiala, buying the Phulkari work fabrics, suits, dupattas, and carpets will remind them the cherished moments of their visit in Patiala. There are many shops keeping different items of Phulkari work in the AC market, Patiala.

Patiala is well connected to many north Indian Cities by road such as Delhi, Chandigarh etc. One can get the buses and drive their own private vehicles and reach Patiala using the national highways. Patiala is well connected by the trains with trains like Inter City Express or Shatabdi Express. Chandigarh is the nearest airport from Patiala.

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henna says:

what is the store beside Goyal Sons in the AC Market?

Manisha says:

Hi i need the phone number of a shop in AC market named the Craze kids clothing shop please

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