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Sanitary Shops - Patiala

Aggarwal Sanitations

Aggarwal Sanitations
Rajbir Singh
Inside Sheran Wala Gate
Mob. – +91-9875367890

Aman Sanitary Store

Exclusive Showroom for Sanitary Goods

Address: S.No.5, Budha Dal Shopping Complex , Opp.Modi College ,Patiala
Phone Number: (S) 0175-2211445
Mobile Number: 98146-16848

Bansal Pumps & Pipes

Stockist.: Taro TEXMO, Varuna Submersible, bentex Starters, Mex Switch, Ashirvad Delivery Pipes

Address: Sanouri Adda, Patiala.
Shop No. 81, Phase-1, New Anaj Mandi, Sirhind Road, Patiala

Phone Number: 0175-2300820
Mobile Number: 98158-27020, 94634-21820, 0175-2363620

Bansal Sales

Deals in : Texmo Submersible Pumps, Esses, Cera, PVC PiPes, Silent Generators, Camson PPR
Pipe & Fitting & All TyPes Of Sanitory goods
Address: Sanori Adda,Patiala.
Phone Number: 0175 – 2302720
Mobile Number: 9463508820,9888726020

Bharat Sanitary Corporation

For Latest & Modern Kitchens, Bathrooms & Homes
Address: Hira Bagh, Opp. Jain Petrol Pump, Patiala
Phone Number: 5002494 (S) 2224638 (R)

Bharat Sanitary Store (Regd)

Bharat Sanitary Store (Regd)
Sadhu Ram, Rajiv Canery, NitemCnery
Inside Sheran Wala Gate
Ph. – 0175-2212311

Bharat Trading Company

Exclusive Showroom Of Sanitary Goods
Address: SCO – 127, Chotti Barandari, Patiala

Resi. : 1121-S.S.T. Nagar, Patiala.
Phone Number: 0175 -22198995, 2370314
Mobile Number: 98140-40342

Ekta Sanitary Store

Address: #9, Ekta Market, Near Sunrise Motel, Sirhind Road Patiala.
Phone Number: 0175-5120679(S)
Mobile Number: 98141-35424

Gagan Enterprises

Deals in: Tiles: – Kajaria, City tiles, Zealtop, Vitrified & Wall Tiles, C.P. Fitting: Springs, Crabtree
Also Deals in C.I. G.I. P.P.R. Pipe & Fittings and All kind of Submersible Pumps, Chimneys & Cook Tops are also available

Address: SCO 212, Urban Estate, Phase-1,Patiala-147001.
Phone Number: 98150-06916, 92166-10289, 92165-10289

GRK Bath Accessories

Wholesale rate New Designee Bath Accessories also available any requirement please contact 09779591397 PATIALA whatsapp no 9872966678
Phone Number: 01752214541
Mobile Number: 9779591397
Business E-mail: HELPGRK@GMAIL.COM

Gupta Machinery Store

Deals in : Texmo Submersible Pumps, jaguar, Cera, Bell,Hindware, PVC PiPes, boaring pipes,G.I Fitiing, SMFC PPR, Arshirwad Cpvc.
Pipe & Fitting & All TyPes Of Sanitory goods
Address: Main bazar bhadson ,
Phone Number: 01765-260130
Mobile Number: 9888784822
Business E-mail: yogesh0951@gmail.com

Krishna Submersible

Distributors of Kalsi Submersible Pumps
Hind Wear C.P.Fitting
Deals in:All Kind of submersible pumps,Electrical goods &Sanitary Goods
Address: Devigarh Road,Sanaur Chowk.Patiala
Mobile Number: 9888742205,946373339

Madonna Industries

Bath Tubs & Modular kitchens
Address: Near Geeta Filling Station,Sirhind Road,PTA.
Phone Number: 0175-231040
Mobile Number: 92166-00690

Parveen Enterprises

Deals In: Floor & Wall Tiles.
Sanitary Goods.
MIG/PVC Pipes & Fittings.
C.P. Fitting & Bath Accessories,
Pavers & Ramp Tiles.
Gas Geyser, Water Tank &
Khaprails in Different Design

Address: Shop:- 17, Hira Bagh
Out Side, Street No – 4
Rajpura Road, Patiala
Resi : 5971, Phase – II
Urban Estate, Patiala
Phone Number: 0175- 2285829

Punjab Hardware & Sanitary Store

Deals in: Hardware, Sanitary goods.
Authorised Stockist- ‘UNEX’ brand Heavy G.I. Pipe Fitting

Address: Sanouri Gate, Patiala
Mobile Number: 98722-72432, 98724-68750, 98728-76408

Shiva Enterprises

(Govt. Contractor & Gen. Order Supplier)
Exclusive Showroom Of Sanitary Goods
Address: Hira Bagh, Rajpura Road, Patiala
Phone Number: 0175-2370314

Singla Sanitary Store

Singla Sanitary Store.

Address: Mirch Mandi , Sanouri Adda, Patiala.
Phone Number: 0175-5061000
Mobile Number: 93570-77766

Sudhir Sales Corp.

Sudhir Sales Corp. (Kisan Distributer)
Sudhir Mittal, Mukhal Mittal
Gur Mandi, Patiala
Ph. – 0175-5007284
Mob. – +91-9780450480

Univresal Sanitary Store

Univresal Sanitary Store
Ravi Trehan
Inside Sheran Wala Gate
Ph. – 0175-2227482

Vikas Enterprises

Amit, Vikas
Deals In. All Kinds Of:- P.V.C, G.I, C.I, Pipes fitting, Submersibles Pumps & Sanitary Goods.

Address: 41, Kissan Market, Sirhind Road, Patiala
Phone Number: 0175-2350037
Mobile Number: 98146-25811, 98145-51536