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Columbia Asia Hospital

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Located on the Bhupindra Road, 22 No. Phatak, Patiala, the Columbia Asia Hospital has taken the healthcare services in Patiala to a much advanced period in the recent days. The Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala is modern hospital to cater to all types of the patients needs. It has the capacity of 90 beds for keeping in-patients though there are several outpatient services for the people in Patiala and in the surrounding areas.

The patients get all-found medical services in this multi-specialty hospital of Patiala and they can go for the diagnostic tests, treatment for various health problems and the personalized care by the competent staffs and doctors of the Columbia Asia Hospital. The services available in this hospital of Patiala are- Cardiology, General Surgery, Laproscopic surgery, ENT, Internal Medicine, Opthalmology, Urology, kidney transplant, pediatrics and pediatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, nephrology, neurology , neurosurgery and many more.

The 24-hour facilities are here for the ambulance, radiology, pharmacy, and emergency. For the dialysis, endoscopy and clinical pathology, this hospital is considered as one among the best. People from places around Patiala also come to the Outpatient Clinics to get treated by the competent doctors in this hospital. The outpatient department is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.

For the mothers, this multi-specialty hospital is considered as the best as it has the facilities for labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care unit and nursery which can take care of the mother and the new born child very well. Ambulance facility is available 24 hour a day. The hospital is also very good for the preventive healthcare in these fields- cancer diagnosis, complete cardiac assessment etc. To keep its standard with the various modern facilities of any renowned hospital, the Columbia Asia Hospital has the facilities for mental health also as it has physiotherapy unit which takes care of the people suffering from mental problems.

The hospital has got special clinics like growth clinic, hypertension clinics, stroke clinics and diabetes clinics. There are operation theatres both for the major and minor operations. The anesthesia department offers 24 hours services for all types of surgeries which are taken care of by a group of senior anesthesiologists. There is the facility of the day surgery in the Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. The Day surgery can be done for- eye surgeries including the cataract removal and removal of foreign bodies, any ear, nose or throat surgery, neurosurgery, and endoscopy (ERCP also). The dermatology unit of this hospital offers treatment for the skin, hair, nail and any types of problem of the mucus membrane. They have the facility o f skin surgery and cosmetic surgery for better looking skin and prevention of aging.

The Columbia Hospital has the group of highly qualified and trained doctors who focus on offering the best treatment to their patients. There are many doctors who are considered to be the best in their fields. The ultimate goal of the Columbia Asia Hospital is to provide the excellent patient care and services at the most affordable price.

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neha tiwari says:

i want to do internship in our hospital under psychology pr psychiatic department,plz send me d details,…i would be very grateful to you

amandeep kaur says:

I want to do job ( staff nurse) my diploma cource (G.N.M) is complete.. & my internship complete in Rajindra hospital patiala plz send me msg ..

Kulwinder says:

i have ladies designer boutique in patiala

Shalini Sharma says:

Im want to my medical checkup

Simran says:

I want to join the Internship of clinical Psychology. Tell me the details please!

Simran says:

suggest me.. I want to join the intership of psychology

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