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Municipal Corporation Office Patiala

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Singh says:

tel me the various department in muncipal corporation patiala.
reply me soon and
reply on my email id rps6581@gmail.com

Shivin says:

Dear Sir

There is an urgent need to transform Patiala Rajpura Road into two lane
as soon as possible to avoid the increasing number of accidents on this road.

Daily 2-3 accidents are reported.


Vijaykumar says:


My name is Vijaykumar, I am staying at Ahmedabad at 75/890 Panchvati apartment, Solaroad, Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
I need your help as soon as possible. No need to worry. Just you need to visit Muncipal corporation. Actually my wife borned in Patiyala ARMY hospital & she lost her birth certificate. I am in very big problem bcoz she lost her whole original Documents (Marksheet, L.C , Birth Certi etc.) If you do me a favour just you can courier her birth certificate to my mailing address. I’ll be very thankful to you & also please give me your bank name & account name & number. So I may credit expences you did. You may call me on +919016809696

Thanks & Regards

Vijaykumar T Iyer

sukhwinder Subgg says:

I am residing in Jujhar Nagar, Patiala. There is so much illegal possessions of Rehriwalas, shopkeepers on the main road of Gurbax Colony right from the point of bus stand to last street of Jujhar Nagar, Patiala. Even there are so many jhugis in the Rajpura Colony, so please look into the matter and do the needful.

ashish says:

i have a plot at geraj mohalla. I passed a map in 2005 the limation of construction is over. What shoud i do, i want to built a house on it. Is the map again pass or renew. If yes can i change the design of map. Present map is not good. Pl solve my problem. My id is ash_aditya06@yahoo.co.in thanx

Ashwani Mishra says:

Dear Sir,

I have purchased a buld house in 2003 in moran street,patiala & availed a loan also. now bank is demanding TSI,so please tell me the procedure to receive the form TS1.


R.K.SUNEJA says:

Besides all other failures on the part of MCP, its official site is not working since 10.10.11, I think for paying the dues, A SHAME.
The payment of Water Supply/Sewarage Bills is such a painful work that I am forced to think not to pay at all, but being a responsible citizen, I am paying. The OBC Bank, particularly Bhupindera Road branch treat the bill payees as 3rd class citizens and EVOLOVED own method and timing to collect the bill and they send their most RUDELY BEHAVED person to handle the affair.
MCP should immediately stop this practice and start collecting bills on the line of PSPCL.

Gurwinder says:

M 18 years old,i have don’t birth certificate,i want apply my birth certificate,plz reply full procedure

maj genearl A D S Grewal says:

i have applied for renew of my pistol license in Oct 2011 , no news yet , thanx

Riya says:


daljeet singh says:

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE ACTUAL WIDTH OF SHEDULE ROAD(KNOWN AS NORTHERN BYE-PASS SOMETIMES AGO)JOINING SIRHIND ROAD&RAJPURA ROAD. IS IT 60MTRS.i.e.196.85Ft.OR 200Ft.? it must be 196.85ft,but MC employees measure it200ft.It is a big mistake,pl. take notice of the same,it may harm the persons residing nearby.

amandeep singh says:

dear sir, there is no details about my birth cirtificate at the chownkidar.i am 17 years old according to my matric cirtificate on which my dob is 10-2-1995.i badly need dob but i have no way to obtain it.So please give me way to get it. Thanku sir.

satinderpalsinghbawa says:

Please tell me the list of approved colonies in Patiala.

Thank you.

Amarjeet Singh says:

I want to send an application to get information under RTI Act-2005. Please give me the address of Municipal Corporation, Patiala.

With Regards.

gurinderjit singh bhatia says:

For the last more than 6 months I am making complaints through letter to editor that street lighjt on Patiala Rajpura road is in negligible state. Particularly from chhoti nadi bridge to onwards the electric bulbs are not working. When I make complaint the paper wala sent the same to MC there after one or twodays the bulbs illuminate but thereafter there is no light. My repeated complaints sent to the Danik Bhaskar shows that I am struggling for this cause last more than 6 months.Please do the needful and illuminate the street lights from chhoti Nandi to onwards.

Apart from this one there is a need to install urgently the traffic lights in the Iqbal Inn chowk on patiala rajpura road.When the residents of SST Nagar and Bishan Nagar have to approach the main road they face grim difficulty particularly in prime hours of morning and especially in evening when beams lights of vehicles are illuminated. one face big difficulty to catch and reach the main highways.

talwinder says:


I want to bring your attention towards the bad management and ultra slow operations in undergrounding the sever on the way to taffazalpura, work has been started last year and road has been crashed for the same but it is more than a year now and people are still waiting for its completion, even the road has been closed and we have to use a long path to reach and to go away from home and moreover no progress can be seen, looks like there is no authority willing to complete this. Optimistically corporation will put some attention towards this issue and will wrap up the work started in some predetermined time frame.

Thanks & regards

Retesh says:


I want to bring your kind attention to the bad or very worse condition of waste water through nalis & sewerage in the area of MR Anil Bajaj Muncipal Councller Old Lal Bagh Area Patiala, he is not responisble for any condition and he is wating for any mishappen in area or any very serious dieases. you know very well thats time many of the dieases are begining and he cannot care any more he knows there are no sweeper in this area and if one sweeper comes than agains he comes after seven days or 2 weeks, I am requsted to You Please take some action and wake up guies from very deep sleeping.

Thanks & Regards,


there are illegal construction on road of tin this locality that people have constructed pavement entrences to their house and leaving less clearance for two vehicles to pay.

People drive carelessly in colony and driving speed should b maintained

there is school running in residential colony and causing extreme traffic problem for the residences

Amrinder says:

Municipal Corporation Patiala must order parking contractors to display parking rates on boards and the receipt. it is night mare and charges are illegal.

S.P.SINGH says:

CommissionerMuncipal Corporation Patiala

DEar Sir,

I would like bring it to your kind notice that a double lane has been constructed by your office i.e. Lower MAll, Patiala and payment has been constructed on both the sides. However at the enterence of street no 10 one Mr Ranjit Singh is residing at H.No 68/2 Arjan Nagar Patiala who has made encroachment and has constructed some 5-6 feet high walls on the main lower mall road and such payment has also not been constructed thereat. Please let me know , whether it has been left with the connivance of some official of PWD/ MC Patiala.

I request your good self to please inquire into the matter and suitable action may please be taken and appropriate payment be constructed therat so that it may give a uniform look.


Gurinderjit Singh Bhatia says:

It appears that Rulers do not care nor hear nor read the grievances.

rahul says:

respected mayor sir,
sir ma kuch gallaha tuhade dhayan vich layauna chaunda haa ki patiala vich raj ke encrochment ho rahi hai hai te usnu koi vi tok nah reha . f few example of. near kolhi karyana store ne encrochment di duruaat kiti teusto baad t. b hosspital tak encroachment hundi chali gayi no one coroporation will not be actione te unhane ne kafi zayada encrochment ki hai mai unhaa de naa ure lkikh reha haa . 1. kholi karyana store, near lohori gate t.b hospital road.
2. verma gun house.
3 shanky store.
raja surgikal store. te sir unhaa di line vich saare hi hai.
te menu tuhade te bharosa hai ki tusi iss nu rokan di te encroachment nu tauan di karvai karongee mai tuhada bahut thanvadi haa.

rahul says:

plese stopped the encrochment in patiala district………………..rahul.

Jatinder Kumar says:

I Want to Know the List Of Building Sealed by the Patiala Municipal Corporation Due to Commerical Activity in Residence Area.

Gurinderjit singh bhatia says:

I have had made complaint dated 25.10.2012 at 3.51PM about traffic lights above. Then reminder dated 24.12.2012 insinuating therein that no one read,hear or sort out the grievances. Had it read and done some thing many untoward incidents on Iqbal Inn chowk had avoided. Recently Mr Fateh Singh died in hit and run case on Iqbal Inn chowk on 3.3.2013 at 10PM. Today i.e. on 10.3.13 is his bhog. He was 81years and active but the callous attitude of the authority not to instal traffic light on Iqbal Inn chowk has taken his live in hit and run case. Had the Govt. taken a contract only to pay in hit and run cases but not to incur any penny for traffic light.Alas! who will come and hear the general public grievances.

karamjeet kaur says:

Respected Sir,
I Karamjeet kaur,resident of Patiala majithia enclave want to bring it in your notice that the condition of the road from 24 no phatak to rajindra hospital is very bad. We are facing so much problem because of it. So,it is my request to you, kindly look into this problem and do the needful. I shall be thankful.

Manjeet says:

Sir, I want to bring to your notice that the state of the roads in New Officers Colony is very bad there are too many potholes and dangerous at night.Also the safai karamchari comes only once or twice a week to sweep rikhidev Marg.I wonder where is ahe for the rest of the week.Kindly look into these problems being faced by the residents.

admin says:

This is not their official website. This website is about Patiala, mainly yellow pages.

Kapilesh says:

Hi, aim resident of delhi, my wife delivered baby in patiala on 27 april 2013
we are staying in delhi, so i want to know the process to apply for birth certificate
pls let me know so i can come paitiala and d the needful

karan says:

hi i want to know latest status of shop sealing in patiala as there are still several shops in residential area due to which people have to face lot of disturbance lpease mail me.

Harjeet singh says:

Sir we are the mfr. of Road Sweeping machines for municipal corporation.We are supplying our machines to various municipal corporation & Cantonment board.
These machines help you keep your city road clean.We are also send you our suggestion for these machine. We are also mfr. Sewer Cleaning machines for municipal corporation.Please give us a chance to serve you.

Baljinder Singh Saini says:

Sir, I reside in Vikas Colony patiala. Our Colony is an approved one. I want to do some addition/renovation in my house for that I want to get the Map approved from your office.I have been told that I have to pay development charges for the Map approval. My plot is 250 Sq yds. Please clarify whether developmental charges are also applicable in approved colonies? I have learnt that these charges are applicable in unapproved colonies only. Please guide.

Amarjeet Kaur says:

I want to purchase a plot in Udham singh colony at sirhind road patiala. and want to know about this colony that is it authorised or not?

jaswinder singh says:

Hello, while i was coming from lahori gate alongwith my wife at 08 p.m. on 28.9.13, i became the victim of rough condition of patiala roads. I mean to say that due to big hole on the road near bus stand , I got sever shock and could not control the bike and have fallen down. My foot injured badly and I have to take bed rest for 15 days and I am still not in position to walk properly.I have suffered financially also because i was not able my job for many days.I would like to raise my voice against administration apathy towards bad condition of PATIALA roads. Many persons like me might have suffered due to these roads. when the govt and administration will wake up from the long sleep and stop playing with the lives of people.Is the administration waiting for more event to take place due to these damaged roads. I would like to request the authorities of Municipal corporation of patiala and PWD to pay attention to these problems URGENTLY so that many lives may be saved.

barinder says:

Sir jo street chori kartay hai un ki kha comlate karey
Plz mari mail par mobile num sand karey.

Harpal Sidhu says:

Sir I want that water bills should be payable on line.I am70 Y.& bank should also be asked to get payment
BY credit card or debit cards.Now 18th century mode is on.

Harpal Sidhu says:

There is a park in model town near my house 11B.Some have opened a unauthorized club.They have collected all benches for them& grouted them.they only talk & discuss.No bench is available for quiet sitters.There is a senior citizen club near by.why they dont go there.?No man or woman/girls like pass in park they r great spoiler of park.They have links with mcorp.
2.Another nuisance is noise the people create in morning by loud false laughing.u can hear them even in houses.inspired by Rajnish…?whole park has become use less.
3..In the other side of park RSS people come in their uniforms for drill.PMC should not allow such fascist people to use public places,mwant for citizens.MC lives near.Does he not see or hear?

Abhay Datt Mehta says:

I am pointing out the flaws in fixation of Collectorate Rates declared by Municipal Corporation, Patiala, for evaluation of Property Tax. I bring an instance, wherein Evaluator, who ever Authority may be, has declared the Rates of Property Tax of SUNDER NAGAR adjacent to SST NAGAR is ? 4,000/- and that of BISHAN
NAGAR across 30 ft. Road is ? 4,700/-. SUNDAR NAGAR is assisted in development by Improvement
Trust, Patiala. Why this low Rate fixed. It seems that since some high official of Municipal Corporation has his Kothi in SUNDAR NAGAR just across 20 ft. Road of SST NAGAR, it seems some influencing in deciding these Rates have been done. Can Municipal Commissioner clarify this flaw.

Abhay Datt Mehta says:

Mr. Anil Joshi, the Local Bodies Minister, Punjab, had on 21 Nov 2013 during an interview with Mr. Rana Randhir of Dainikbhaskar Bhaskar, at Patiala declared that Tax on Rented Residential Property is lowered from 7.5% to. 3% with immediate effect. The Minister also mentioned that Notification to this change
is also issued on 21 Nov 2013. I am a Senior Citizen, partly handicapped, a retired Naval Official, still as a good citizen, I visited municipal Corporation office on Sunday, 24 Nov 2013. To deposit Property Tax.
I was astonished and shocked to know that the staff collecting Tax were charging Tax on Rented Residential
Property @ 7.5% instead of 3% declared by the Minister in Patiala on 21 Nov 2013.. Can Deputy Commissioner, Patiala and Municipal Commissioner clarify this lacuna.

Abhay Datt Mehta says:

Hello municipal Commissioner/mayor, Nagar Nigam, Patiala
Dear Sir, I had posted my two queries dated 25 Nov 2013, regarding fixation of property rates of various
Colonies in Patiala. The other one regarding tax on rented residential properties,reduction of rates
7.5% to 3%, declared by Hon. Local Bodies Minister, Sh. Anil Joshi on 21 Nov 2013 during an interview
With Dainikbhaskar Reporter Sh. Rana Randhir in Patiala. Then why Nagar Nigam is still collecting Tax
On Rented Residential Properties @ 7.5%. When will Nagar Nigam follow Minister’s orders. Why Nagar Nigam is not informing public or will it be after 30 Nov 2013. Very sad state of affairs.
I will wait till 28 Nov 2013, if no reply is received by that time, I will request Hon. Minister to issue Notification
And extend 10% Discount facility upto 7 Dec 2013.

anil Kumar says:

Sir I am residents of Anand nagar b street no 30a patiala house no 137 in the back side of my house a 200 yard polot never has a boundaries some people though cow dung and waste due to this harmful diseases r develop sir take a legal action against these people I shall be very thank full to u

gagandeep simgh says:

dear sir
my complaint is regarding water. There is lack of water in our area.our area is Dogran street near hoti mardan wala gurdwara patiala.we are very fed up.do the needful as soon as possible

karanjit kaur says:

i applied for the addition of the name in birth certificate, v funny the deeling clerk is unable to write the spellings of the name correctly.what should i do .it is harrassment difficult to get mistake free certificate.Is there any responsible officer who will listen us.

Kirandeep Kaur says:

Respected Sir,
I am living in Gobind nagar, nr.sheran wala gate, patiala.I am complaining regarding the cleaniness of this area . There is no proper sewerage supply result is that dirty water is everytime infront of our house which is the main cause of health problems infact children are not able to play due of dirty gutters which are always overflow.I am requesting you to please do permanent solution of our problem.
I will be very grateful to you.

Nishaanth kumar says:

respectd sir, iam nishanth kumar . iam born in patiala government hospital in 1991. present iam in andrapradesh. i want my birth certificate. how to apply in online any web site is avalible. pls give reply.

Amarinder Singh says:

hello,I want to talk joint commissioner mr.najar singh,pls can u provide me his email adress and mobile number.

Er S K S Deol says:

Sirs I have to obtain birth certificates for my daughters D>O>B 07101981 and 11021985 .Their births could not be registered then as I was posted at Delhi / Arunachal Place though they were born at Aggarwal Clinic , Ajitnagar ,Patiala. Pl advice further course of action

Kiranjit Singh Bassi says:

Respected Sir,

With great disappointment, I’m moved to right this application to you after f=
ailing to make my neighbours understand that their throwing garbage in front=
of my house causes great inconvenience to us, and expose us, rather the ent=
ire neighbourhood to the risk of environment pollution and disease. Even peo=
ple from nearby localities specifically come here to throw the garbage seein=
g the open space in front of our house. They do not even bother to listen to=
the garbage sweeper of our area who has tried to stop them numerous times. Q=
uite sadly, it seems that our Prime Minister’s recent persuasion to the peop=
le regarding Swachh Bhartiya Abhiyaan has failed to put any impact on them. W=
e even have the recordings from our CCTV camera that has captured the offend=
ers red handed, particularly throwing garbage in the night hours. They do no=
t bother to employ a household safai karamchari to take their respective gar=
bage for mere fifty rupees a month, but would instead prefer to carry the sa=
me all the way to this place. Such is their plight. They seem to pay no heed=
to our polite requests. Please do give consideration to my application Sir s=
ince it has really become a serious problem for us. I expect a quick and eff=
ective action at your hand.
Sincerely Yours,
K.S. BASSI and Mrs. Pinky Bassi, Advocates.
# B-29/298, Sirhandhi Gate, Patiala.
Opposite Dr. Sharma Clinic.

Cc to Cheif Secretary, Punjab // Cc to D.C. Patiala

Inderpreet singh says:

There is a speed breaker constructed in front of Hno.8, New Officer Colony, Rikhidev Marg, Patiala. The said speed breaker is constructed by the owner of the said house which is made without any approval of MC, Patiala and without any technical specification or without any marker on the speed breaker. It is a hindrance to general public and is causing damage to the vehicles. It is causing jams on the road unnecessarily.

Kindly get the same removed at the earliest, & penalise the people who misuse the public property at there own whims & fancies. This speed breaker is causing serious damage to the vehicles & is accident prone. An early action would be appreciated.

Inderpreet Singh

deepak i says:

i want my birth certificate in patiala

Gopal krishan says:

I am to deposit Property tax for the F.Year 2014-15 but when ever I have visited your office it was informed that notification has not been received. Please confirm that notification has been received and last date for deposit of tax

Ashok Kumar says:

I want to know as a citizen of Patiala why the corporation is not starting the online (e-payment) facilities so that the people can deposit any type of payment directly to the accounts of corporation. It seems that some of the employees do not want that this facility could be started as they are corrupt and makes the money from the general public one or the other pretext.
Corporation should start the e-payment facility as early as possible.

T.N.Sharma says:

I am grieved to see your mock anti- encroachment drills in Leela Bhawan chow k area & 22no., Pathak u the over-bridge market .A couple of times the anti- encroachment staff removed the encroachments from foot-paths , but mushrooming again after 5.00PM. it make the movement of pedestrians most difficult. any objection from public invites rebukes from encrochers. Most of the shop keepers have made place for parking their personnel .. their vehicles are parked 24 hrs under the bridge.
thirdly the people have made the parking a drinking place with snacks available with stalls on foot-paths . Mockery to that the shop-keepers are earning rent from stalls put on the foot path before their shops. they proudly boast that this is all in connivance of Municipal authorities .
An early action is awaited
( Copy of the above is sent to Hindustan times for information & n/a. )

dippi says:

The Municipal Corporation Patiala is in process of taking 2014-15 property tax returns as of now. There is a 10% rebate on total property tax amount till 28th feb 2015 as of now , but keeping in mind the short time period given to people to deposit their taxes it might be extended till march. But pls make sure to check the changes in the new notification.

dippi says:

I myself reside in New Officers Colony and am glad to read that some one else woke up to this problem. It was not a speed breaker but a neck breaker and a more of a status issue and for personnel gains. IRC norms were totally violated for personnel benefits and the municipal corporation finally dismantled it but after a lot of visits to the Municipal Corporation. A lot still needs to be done in regard to encroachment by the ramps on this road, so keep raising these issues for the general public.A few other come up again on this road and were again dismantled except the ones on the intersections. It is right that they still are not as per the IRC norms but they are not neck breakers as earlier one and the Municipal Corporation does not have the resources to per cure other speed breakers as of today, so a compromise had to be done on this issue as well as saving precious human lives.

Bhupinder Singh Ahuja says:

I am resident of Gurunanak Nagar, St. No.- 19. Patiala.
This street has a very beautiful road made but unfortunately , most of the time it is full of Cow Dungs as some people have kept cows in the residential areas which should not be allowed at all & moreover it is illegal also. They have kept them for their business as they supply milk to the people. But it is spoiling the atmosphere of the street & due to this there are chances of more mosquitoes , flies & Dengue also.
Please do the needful to help & make the street as well as city, as well as country clean.
Thanks & Regards,
Bhupinder Singh Ahuja


Dear Sir

There is an urgent need to Traffic Light Patiala Rajpura Road nr IQBAL IN HOTEL into two lane
as soon as possible to avoid the increasing number of accidents on this road.

Daily 2-3 accidents are reported.

sukhmander Singh says:

I lodged a complaint to repair the street light vide complaint no.SL002563 dated 13/04/2015.But till date the same is not attended even after follow up with SDO Mr. Gurmeet Singh.Please do the needful and also let me know,what is the lead time to attend a such complaint.

vinod kumar arora says:

Water bills are payable at only one bank OBC . Either it should be payable online as electric bills are OR payable at more different banks.

manvinder singh kohli says:

mc patiala is not working for adaresh colony area development back side tiet bad roads very poor working role of mayor very incoprative

Jyoti Kumari says:

Dear Sir,

I need Original death certificate of My father, I have Xerox of death certificate received from Military hospital Patiala Sangrur.
can you please guide me the online process to get issued.
As currently I am staying in Mysore.


Dear Sir

There is an urgent need to Traffic Light Patiala Rajpura Road nr IQBAL IN HOTEL into two lane
as soon as possible to avoid the increasing number of accidents on this road.

Daily 2-3 accidents are reported.

Rakesh Puri says:

I, Rakesh Puri, son of Mr. Jagdish Mitter Puri and Mrs. Shakuntla Puri, born on 12th April, 1955 at Rajindra Hospital, Patiala. I need a copy of the birth certificate.
Please let me know the procedure.

jaspal singh says:

Hi I am jaspal Singh r/o #14 old mehar Singh colony tripuri patiala. That I am not receiving my severge bill till I adopt the severge connection. But still today I have approach your office here at Patiala but nobody ready to listen my problem.plz check and resolve my problem as soon as possible.

Kassera Chowk bartan bazar association patiala says:

Respected municipal commissioner patiala, sat Sri akal ji..

This mail we are writing for request to kindly look upon the drainage and sewage problem in bartan bazar near kassera Chowk patiala. It becomes a matter of shame that deputy senior mayor Sh. Jagdish Chaudhary ji is also doing business in that area, but he is ignoring this serious problem. Bartan bazar association requested him to look upon this matter, but worthless.
All people residing in that area are feeling unhealthy because of fear of dengue or any infectious disease.

Kindly help us to sort out sewage and drainage problem at the earliest . As our respected prime minister ji Modi sahib is also running campaigning Swacchh Bharat.

Thank you.
Bartan bazar Association patiala

Parveen Garg says:

Hi, On behalf of residents of Bank Colony,(near AmarHospital),Patiala;(ward:45), it is brought to notice of Commissioner,MC,Patiala & Mayor that heaps of garbage & waste lying in a big vacant Plot No:30,Bank Colony, are a source of ‘Dengue,Malaria Disease’.Rains have further deteriorated the situation.So,in vast public-interest,immediate action to clean this vacant Plot-30,Bank Colony is urgent need of the hour,to save all…….

Mahi Pal says:

Kindly remove the bazigar basti on nabha road, patiala which is illegally encroachment on Govt Land of Forest Department and Irrigation Department as all the bazigars illegally got sewerage connections and water supply connections at their own level which causes us lot trouble. Bad boys of bazigar basti takes drugs/smokes/drinks etc and always use abusive language and harrases our gentle ladies

Sant Singh says:

Kly intimate rates of property tax for the year 2015-16 for residential area of Ghuman Nagar – A, Patiala and Also intimate where to deposit the property tax ?

Anish says:

I have complained about illegal construction at 74 guru nanak nagar tripuri ward no.8 patiala worthy JE&SDO visited spot but to shameful nothing done mockery to government claiming transparent and lawful administration…nothing more to say just to watch what action can done by administration or they will surrender before lawbrakekers.

ashok says:

I want to know about various department in muncipal corporation of Patiala.


Kindly remove the illegally encroachment AS RAMP 4-5 FEET ON on PUBLIC ROAD AS RAMP IN GALLI NO 5 ,MOHINDRA COMPLEX.NEAR TEG COLONY.

sonia aggarwal says:

Respected Mayor sir
M a resident of Saheed udham Singh Nagar,jhill road,patiala.
Sir..our area s suffering from a large burden of Dengue but not much insecticides r sprayed in our area..D burden of Dengue n aedes mosquito s increasing.So I kindly request our responsibile government to please look into d matter n kindly include my area in good insecticide coverage so that problem of Dengue cn be controlled…Thnku…I hope my writing will not go in vain…n proper actions will be taken.

gag says:

Dear Sir,

I am having a complaint from the Whole Gali no :3, Raghumajra Chownk Near Shahid udam singh Dharmshala, It is required to deal in very strict way who is throwing garbage in the night daily. Take any action”, atleast fix a board showing “Kuda Sutna Mana hai”.


Rajesh dhaliwal says:

Dear sir,
This is in reference to partap nagar G &H blocks ( nearby saran gas store). There is no sewarage pipeline or connection by MCP here. All the residence are throwing the sewer waste and water in surroundings due to which whole area is stinking. With due respect i want to know how MCP can help us and what we need to do to get sewer connection by MCP and make our place a part of “swachch bharath”
Thanks and regards

jashan says:

I have my birth certificate in punjabi but need a copy in english. please let me know the procedure to get one online


Golguppa chowk to mehar singh colony road comarcial pass he yan nahin

Harman says:

I am a student of Punjabi University and lives in Professor Colony opp. the university. Nearby my living place is an eating place named ‘Punjabi Rasoi’. Daily the people working there play the radio at a very high volume from around 7a.m to 10p.m. This is not only a source to noice pollution but also obstruct our studies and disturbs daily routine.

Its, a request that you take an action. I shall be thankful to you.

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