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Government Rajindra Hospital Patiala

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8 Responses on “Government Rajindra Hospital Patiala”

Lovinder Rattan says:

i think this hospital is not good

vikas giare says:

i think this hospital is good spl. for poor pepole

Achint says:

to my kind request i am a student of olf convent school and here we got a project to visit any of the hospitals situated in patiala and i want to ask that how many beds do yo have in your hospital and who is the head of this hospital

navneet kaur cheema says:

i m the student of first batch of b.sc nursing of this college. wt i saw in 4 years i only say that this hospital is boon for the poor people. the care provided by the students is very good.all the facilities , modern technology is available to the people at so low cost. i always wish that this hospital touches the heights of sky. with all the best wishes…………..

kiran says:

I think the doctors of emergency ward are not aware about the word ’emergency’. They don’t care about patients in emergency ward but leave them on the behalf of trainees. The trainees insult the relatives of patients if they ask to help the patient. My aunt got admit in emergency due to suicide attempt with burns. No one cares about her 3 days. No one checks her and 1 day before her death she couldn’t breath and was in a pitiable condition. The doctor was not there. My relatives tried to find them but no one was there. She died on 24th July after 4 hours without help of doctors. I want justice.

aman says:

i think rajindra hosp is best modern technlogy is available to the people at so low cost. my 4 batch mate job in this hosp.

jay cee says:

Careless doctor

Bakbas hospital

Jitendra poddar says:

Rajendra hospital (patiala) is too good there is no issue but something problem is also with this type of hops. I mean all about Rajendra hospital patiala. Because there is major number of doctors but at the time of requirements there is no doctor or nor sister will be seen here. And some time if u ask for help to any one he mostly insults them

There are many situations to but it is enough to say.

At all, this hops all employees are laborious and brave.

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